Providing a wonderful foundation for your business


I work on a retainer basis with clients, requiring a minimum of 12 hours/month, paid in advance. Additional time is billed at the end of the month, along with any other incidental expenses incurred on your behalf during the month.

Clients who are ready to take their businesses to the next level will appreciate the fact that 12 hours/month is a minimal commitment (only 3.0 hours per week) toward your business success. With this arrangement, you’re retaining my availability for your projects, and we can both have the confidence that my schedule will allow time to take care of your needs.

I am an independent contractor. I own my own business, pay my own taxes, work from my own office, use my own equipment, set my own hours, and bill you for my services. Please Contact me for specific rate and billing information.

Your commitment is to see your own success as enough of a priority to allow adequate time to really see the magic virtual assistance can work in your business.

My commitment is to become a true partner in your business – a part of your team who values your success as much as my own.